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I am writing my unit tests to test factory developed as below

angular.module("MyApp.Factory",[]).factory("factory",function($resource, baseUrl) {
    return {
        someService: function () {
            return $resource(baseUrl + "/someUri");

jasmine spec for the same

describe("My App Factory Tests", function () {

        var $factory;

        beforeEach(function () {


            inject(function (factory) {
                $factory = factory;


        it("Factory must be defined", function () {


but i end up with the below error from the jasmine html test page

Error: Unknown provider: $resourceProvider <- $resource <- eligibilityService

Please suggest the right way to test the factory

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ngResource is defined in the separate module. Please check the documentation In other words you have to include <script src="angular-resource.js"> and add ngResource dependency to MyApp.Factory module - angular.module("MyApp.Factory", ["ngResource"]).

ps. in the specs you could surround service name with underscores so that we can locally assign a local variable of the same name as the service. For example:

var factory;

beforeEach(function () {


  inject(function (_factory_) {
    factory = _factory_;


According to angularjs coding standards $ should not be used for naming custom directives.

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what is the simplest way to instantiate a factory for a unit test? – FutuToad Jan 21 '14 at 18:02
just inject it to the spec, for example: `it("does the magic", inject(function(myService) { expect(myService.trick()).toBe(true); })); – luacassus Jan 22 '14 at 10:25

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