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As my images have different ratios (and some are landscape, other portrait oriented), I am adding a border to them to get a nice layout in my gallery. Basically I create a thumbnail with the longest side 80 pixels, then pad it to make it an 84x84 size image.

It'd be much nicer if this background could be transparent. Ideally a 2px white border around the thumbnail, and then the rest padded with transparency. Currently I am trying to get transparency this way (where $f contains the file name of the original image):

cat "$f" | jpegtopnm 2> /dev/null | pnmscale -xysize 80 80 | pnmpad -width 84 -height 84 -white | pnmtopng -transparent =white > thumbnails/"$f.png"

It mostly works, except for images that have white in them: like a white cloud, or white water in the middle, that also becomes transparent. And it shouldn't be, only the border is to be transparent (to basically disappear from view on the resulting web page).

Any other way to accomplish this? It has to run as shell script in Linux, preferably using the netpbm tools.

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