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I've been happily compiling projects with 3rd party frameworks in Qt 5.0. After upgrading to Qt 5.1, the 3rd party frameworks can no longer be found by the linker.

There's a Qt bug report here, but I see that the item has been closed. At the bottom of the report a comment states: -

To build and link against a framework in /Library/Frameworks (the following should be added to the .pro file):

QMAKE_OBJECTIVE_CFLAGS += -F/Library/Frameworks
QMAKE_LFLAGS += -F/Library/Frameworks
QMAKE_LINK += -framework Foo

When I do this, it has no effect. Also, the 3rd party framework is a C++ library, so using QMAKE_OBJECTIVE_CFLAGS will not help. I tried substituting this for QMAKE_CXXFLAGS, but it still fails.

In addition, when adding QMAKE_OBJECTIVE_CFLAGS and QMAKE_LINK to the .pro file, Qt Creator doesn't highlight them as known compiler flags.

Does anyone know how to solve this problem, without reverting back to Qt 5.0?

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To whomever downvoted, please explain why; doing so without an explanation is not constructive. – TheDarkKnight Sep 10 '13 at 8:16

You're a bit unclear on what exactly you're doing, and how it fails.

If you're trying to use the framework from a .cpp file, you need indeed to also set QMAKE_CXXFLAGS += -F/Library/Frameworks, and possibly also QMAKE_CFLAGS (the example in the bug report assumes the framework exposes Objective-C bindings. I will correct that)

Try this, and re-open the bug report with logs and ways to reproduce if it still fails.

(The missing highlight of Qt Creator is not relevant, they are both still qmake variables.)

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Thanks for answering. Yes, I may be a bit unclear on what's going on, especially as it doesn't work for me! I know the objective-c flag is irrelevant, though I posted it as it was a quote from the example. I tried substituting it for the QMAKE_CXXFLAGS and QMAKE_CFLAGS, but that didn't work either. As for QtCreator, it was just a suggestion that perhaps it should be picking it up, but I'm not relying on that. I'll clean the project, try again and let you know how it goes. Thanks. – TheDarkKnight Sep 10 '13 at 7:56
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The problem here was due to the fact that the .pro file already referenced the 3rd party library, when using Qt 5.0, like this: -

QMAKE_LFLAGS += -F /Library/Frameworks/otherlibrary.framework/
LIBS += -framework otherlibrary

I did not realise that although the QMAKE_LFLAGS included the path to the specific framework, it also needs the path to the root of the frameworks: -

QMAKE_LFLAGS += -F/Library/Frameworks

Adding that fixed the issue.

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