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I pretty new to JqueryUI and JQuery but managed to figure out how to get the autocomplete function with catergories.

Now i want to build my solution further, and i don't know if it is possible.

Basiclly i want the "dropdown"-ITEM(one item in the box, not category) on the textbox to have two different styles.

i want this:

<li class="ui-menu-item" role="presentation">
    <a id="ui-id-28" class="ui-corner-all" tabindex="-1">I want it all</a>
    <a class="mycssclass"> by Queen</a>

notice the extra anchor(last in the

  • element) with a cssclass that i want to use(to change the font, color and such)

    Should i do some operation (append) on the widget-catcomplete function?

    This is my Jquery:

    $.widget("custom.catcomplete", $.ui.autocomplete, {
        _renderMenu: function (ul, items) {
            var that = this,
              currentCategory = "";
            $.each(items, function (index, item) {
                if (item.category != currentCategory) {
                    ul.append("<li class='ui-autocomplete-category'>" + item.category + "</li>");
                    currentCategory = item.category;
                that._renderItemData(ul, item);          
    $(function () {
            source: function (request, response) {
                $.get("", { // Call Spotify WebService (JSON)
                    //currently selected in input
                    q: request.term //query for search
                }, function (data) {                
                    response($.map(data.tracks.slice(0, 5), function (item) {
                        return { label:, by: item.artists[0].name, category: "Track" }; 
                        // returns five items of [{label: "Name"}{by: "Artist"}{category: "Track"}]             

    I suspect i should do something with this line??:

    that._renderItemData(ul, item);

    UPDATE: I did a override on the _renderItem method, but somehow this fucks up the "menuclick" event. The Value of item is undefined, dont know the solution to that nut.

    $.ui.autocomplete.prototype._renderItem = function (ul, item) {
            item.value = item.label +" - " +;
            return $("<li>")
                .append($("<a class='customclass'>").text(

    Thanks in regards.

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    Please provide jsfiddle – Dom Sep 3 '13 at 15:15
    - Heres a JSFiddle BUT! it solved itselfe, i dont know how, maybe it was becuase the functions was inside a documentready function ? – J.Olsson Sep 3 '13 at 16:57
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    I solved it by myself.

    This is the solution:

    I THINK it was because the functions was inside a document ready function.

    $(document).ready(function () {
         //Functions in OP was moved outside
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