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I know I can use dll import + wrapping (managed) to use C++ libraries in C# applications (question link>>) but what's opposite? How can I use C# library in my C++ application? I'll handle events/operations/results in C# library but my application created with C++. For example here is my C++ application:

//In this example; Manager will be my C# library's instance, Log is a C# library's function that can print something. (That's only an example, not works. For describing something to understand my question)

int main()
   if(MySystem.Start() == 0) //If there is no error
      Manager.Log("System started successfully!"); //Post it to C# library!
   return 0;

EDIT: Solution should be native C++. I'll not use C++\CLI!

EDIT: Only c++ application will be native. Namely I can create a shared c++ library to handle C# library. C++ App.(Event) >> C++\CLI Lib. >> C# Library, this way is posibble. Is there any example/topic/start point?

>> MY SOLUTION (After answers, should be helpful for others): I'll create a C++\CLI shared library and I'll use it with my native C++ app. This library will handle my C# library (more about in this question>>). If I don't need C#, I'll re-code my C++\CLI library as native library. I think that is pretty useful.

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See… as a reference for using a managed C++ wrapper as an intermediary between unmanaged C++ and C#. – whalebiologist Sep 3 '13 at 12:09
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You will have to take care to expose your interface from the C# library to a C++-compatible layer.

Out of the top of my head, you could do two things:

  • Create a C API on top of your C# library (best way would be to add a C++/CLI layer to your library).

  • Create a COM interface to your C# library and use the library through COM objects.

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A simple COM interface implemention example for C# library? – PilawyerDev Sep 3 '13 at 12:02
This is the first result I found (looks pretty basic): – utnapistim Sep 3 '13 at 12:08


You can do it using Reverse P/Invoke


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I've updated my question. Maybe I can create another shared library which is C++\CLI. Example/topic/start point? – PilawyerDev Sep 3 '13 at 12:09

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