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I found the way to check if event exists on element. But it's not work on the events which is not delegated by jQuery...

When I try,


for this.

<a href="#" onClick="alert('Hello, World!')" />

It returned undefined.

Is there any way to check if onClick exists on elements with jQuery?


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You can do:

if ($('a').attr("onClick") != undefined) {}
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Oops! Over looked... :) –  Ei Maung Dec 7 '09 at 10:50

Just do:

if( myelement.onclick != null )
   //onclick exists
   //onclick doesn't exist

No need for jQuery.

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I'm trying to test if an event listener has been setup as part of a JS Unit test... how how can i test if it has been setup or not?? This isn't working, always returns true... console.log(document.body.click.length); document.body.addEventListener('click', function () { alert('hi')},false) console.log(document.body.click.length); –  Will Hancock Oct 5 '12 at 10:58
if( $('#elementName').click == undefined)  
   { //event handler doesn't exist }
   { //handler exists }
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I think the following things should also work

if ($(yourElement).attr("onClick").length != 0) {}

if ($(yourElement).attr("onClick").size() != 0) {}


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For sure there are some valid answers here, this was a good one that got me going.

if ($('a').attr("onClick") != undefined) {}

But I found the best answer for you, as it was for since we are both dealing with hyperlinks, would looking for the href attribute.

if ($('a').attr("href") != undefined) {}

I particularly liked this approach.

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