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Shoutcast stream is giving me a serious headache.

I tried:

  1. JWplayer
  2. Jplayer
  3. Html5 Audio

None of these are true cross-platform-browser solutions. THey can't even play all shoutcast streams!

Is there any other solution to this problem?

Maybe I can pass stream through some php library?

Any solutions for this?

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Since nobody is answering, I ransacked web today and found soundmanager2 - which at least in my tests works fine both on desktop and mobile browsers.

I tested on Android, IOS, on desktop side chrome,firefox,safari and all shoutcast channels seem to work fine.

So here you go :)


                url: 'soundManager2/swf',
                debugMode: false,
                // optional: use 100% HTML5 mode where available
                // preferFlash: false,
                onready: function() {
                  var mySound = soundManager.createSound({
                    id: 'shoutCast',
                    url: valueSelected+';',
                    type: 'audio/mp3'
                ontimeout: function() {
                  // Hrmm, SM2 could not start. Missing SWF? Flash blocked? Show an error, etc.?

valueSelected =

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How did this go? Any chance you can provide any information on how you got ShoutCast to work with SoundManager? Any help would be great. –  kyle.stearns Oct 24 '13 at 0:56
@kyle.stearns Hey, sure. Updated my answer. –  salivan Oct 24 '13 at 5:59

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