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i am working on a Cakephp 2.x.. i am using twilio for sending sms but i am getting this error

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare Services_Twilio_autoload() (previously declared in C:\xampp\htdocs\cakephp\app\Lib\twilio\Twilio.php:3)

how can i sort this issue.. here someone asked the same question and he even tell the solution that how he sort the problem but i didnt get it

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Just read the error message. It clearly tells you what is wrong and by this the solution is obvious. – burzum Sep 3 '13 at 13:45
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The problem is redeclaring the autoload handler in Twilio file. Just update the file twilio/Services/Twilio.php and when it says:


change it by

spl_autoload_register('Services_Twilio_autoload', false);

This way the function will omit messsages when the handler is recalled. You can also check if the handler was created prior to redeclare it. I hope it works!

Check documentation online at:

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