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For example I've got simple gtk app alike:

public class Application : Gtk.Window {
    public Application () {
        this.title = "Zaebis";
        this.window_position = Gtk.WindowPosition.CENTER;
        this.destroy.connect (Gtk.main_quit);
        this.set_default_size (170, 70);
        Gtk.Button button = new Gtk.Button.with_label ("Make everything zaebis");
        this.add (button);
        button.clicked.connect (() => {
            button.label = "Everything is zaebis now";
    public static int main (string[] args) {
        Gtk.init (ref args); (new Application ()).show_all ();
        Gtk.main (); return 0;

I compile it valac --pkg gtk+-2.0 main.vala but when I run it I also see empty console. How to not show / hide this console and show only my window?

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Are you running this in Windows?

From :

In order to suppress the additional console window for GTK+ applications you have to take the following steps:

  • Download MinGW API for MS-Windows
  • Extract w32api-x.xx-mingw32-dev.tar.gz into the Vala/MinGW installation directory
  • Pass -X -mwindows to the Vala compiler:

    valac -X -mwindows --pkg gtk+-2.0 hellogtk.vala
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