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I'm trying to connect to a SQL server(localhost) and extract the following:


I then need to get this information into a .txt file, seperated by commas

This is what I got so far:

function accounting()
  Dim myStream, connection, myCommand, recValue
  Set myStream = CreateObject("ADODB.Stream")
  Set connection = CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
  Set myCommand = CreateObject("ADODB.Command")
  connection.Open "Provider=SQLNCLI10;" & _
    "Data Source=localhost;" & _
    "Integrated Security=SSPI;" & _
    "Initial Catalog=SQLDatabase;" & _
    "User ID=;Password="
  SET recValue = myCommand.Execute()

  If Not recValue.EOF then
     MsgBox "INVOICENO = " & recValue(0) & vbcrlf & "SUPPLIERID=" & recValue(1) _
     & "AMOUNT="  &  recValue(2) & "DOCID=" & recValue(3)
  End If

  While Not recValue.EOF
    INVOICENO = recValue(0)
    SUPPLIERID = recValue(1)
    AMOUNT = recValue(2)
    DOCCID = recValue(3)
end function

Am I on the right track here, and if so what should I try to do next?

Thanks in advance

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You have a syntax error in the MsgBox line (missing line continuation character). Other than that: is something not working as expected? –  Ansgar Wiechers Sep 3 '13 at 14:48
Thank you for the reply @Ansgar Wiechers, I've added the missing parentheses in the MsgBox, but was there anything else wrong with it? The problem is that I haven't been able to connect to the SQL yet, so I haven't been able to check if it retrieves the wanted data. I use windows authentication, and I don't require a password or username to connect, have I typed this correctly in the script by leaving it blank? Did you try the script yourself(with modifications obviously)? If so, did it run as intended? –  user2699875 Sep 4 '13 at 6:08
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MsgBox didn't have any parentheses missing. Remove them (and read Eric Lippert's most awesome blog post on parentheses in VBScript). What's missing in that line is a line continuation character (_) at the end of the line. In VBScript you cannot wrap lines without that. Change this:

MsgBox ("INVOICENO = " & recValue(0) & vbcrlf & "SUPPLIERID=" & recValue(1)
& "AMOUNT="  &  recValue(2) & "DOCID=" & recValue(3))

into this:

MsgBox "INVOICENO = " & recValue(0) & vbcrlf & "SUPPLIERID=" & recValue(1) _
  & "AMOUNT="  &  recValue(2) & "DOCID=" & recValue(3)

or put the whole statement in a single line:

MsgBox "INVOICENO = " & recValue(0) & vbcrlf & "SUPPLIERID=" & recValue(1) & "AMOUNT="  &  recValue(2) & "DOCID=" & recValue(3)

As for the database connection, your connection string seems odd. According to the information provided here that connection string is for connections to a mirrored database. Try this instead:

db = "..."  'specify database name here
connection.Open "Provider=SQLNCLI10;" _
  & "Server=localhost;" _
  & "Database=" & db & ";" _
  & "Trusted_Connection=yes;"

If that doesn't help: check the value of the connection's State property:

WScript.Echo connection.State

Also, update your question with any error you're getting (error number, error message and line number).

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I can now connect to the SQL, thanks a lot for the help ! Can't upvote you I'm afraid, since I need more "reputation" :( –  user2699875 Sep 4 '13 at 11:23
I'm aware of that. No worries. Glad I could help. –  Ansgar Wiechers Sep 4 '13 at 16:07
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