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I have multiple input fields.

<input type='text' size='10' name='firstname' id='firstname' />
<input type='text' size='20' name='lastname' id='lastname' />
<input type='password' size='5' name='password' id='password' />

I want to get all their values into a single array with jQuery. Like this one.

1 => 'Barack',
2 => 'Obama',
3 => '123456'

Existing method val() returns value from first match.

$('#firstname,#lastname,#password').val(); //returns only first name
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This will do:

$('#firstname,#lastname,#password').map(function () { 
    return this.value; 
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There is no need to use the .val() method here, return this.value; will work just fine. –  Felix Kling Jan 18 '13 at 10:27
Updated, thanks. –  Magnar Jan 31 '13 at 9:20

I made tiniy plugin for that case:

    jQuery.fn.inputs2obj=function (){
        var out={};
        var arr=this.filter(':input').each(function () {
        return out;

Usage example:

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