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I am trying to do Bayesian NHST between two groups. Each group consists of many variables, and in order to avoid multiple hypothesis corrections I opted for Bayesian method. However my code in OpenBUGS is giving the following error:

"Error in handleRes(res) :
Internal "trap" error in OpenBUGS, or non-existent module or procedure called."

I am using BRugs R-package with modelCheck(...) - model is syntactically correct and with modelData(...) - data loaded are appearing but when tried to compile with modelCompile(..) error pops up. I am quite new to the OpenBUGS.

What does this error mean??

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This means that OpenBUGS has crashed - it's not your fault, but the program's fault for not giving a proper error message. The Windows interface would be slightly more, but not much more, informative than the R interface in this circumstance, and give a "trap" window. The OpenBUGS manual gives some hints on why this might happen and possible solutions.

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