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I am getting this error while resolving delete operation from ClientDatset to TAdoDataset (which bound to access table). I am using Delphi 2010.

My DatasetProvider between TClientDataset and TAdoDataset :

object dspTarifeler: TDataSetProvider
  DataSet = DM.qryTarifeler    
  ResolveToDataSet = True
  Options = [poPropogateChanges, poUseQuoteChar]

Error occurs in this function which is called by TDataSetResolver.EndUpdate();

procedure TCustomADODataSet.InternalGotoBookmark(Bookmark: Pointer);
  Recordset.Bookmark := POleVariant(Bookmark)^;
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I've had the same issue with TAdoDataset. Haven't found what's wrong with it, so I just overrided the method in try except block.

Try this:

TADODataset = class(ADODB.TADODataSet)
    procedure InternalGotoBookmark(Bookmark: Pointer); override;

{ TADODataset }

procedure TADODataset.InternalGotoBookmark(Bookmark: Pointer);
    inherited InternalGotoBookmark(Bookmark);

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Thanks for the reply. It doesn't complete the job. Hiding error doesn't work. Do u know any working way to hide it? –  Serguzest Dec 9 '09 at 5:29
I am not considering to change vcl source, though i doubt it works because, hiding it without a fix causes another errors. Thanks anyway.. –  Serguzest Dec 13 '09 at 22:59
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I had to bypass the provider and apply delete operation manually. it keeps error in Debug mode, but i can live with that.

procedure Tfrm.dspTarifelerBeforeUpdateRecord(Sender: TObject;
  SourceDS: TDataSet; DeltaDS: TCustomClientDataSet; UpdateKind: TUpdateKind;
  var Applied: Boolean);
  if updatekind = ukDelete then
   if dm.qryTarifeler.Locate('Prefix',DeltaDs['Prefix'],[]) then
   applied := true;
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Side note: dm.qryTarifeler is passed on the SourceDS parameter. –  Fabricio Araujo Feb 25 '11 at 17:53

For some unexplainable cause which I cannot guess, I believe that after the delete the bookmark parameter of InternalGotoBookmark is going to the deleted record position...

So, the Linas solution would make the thing work...

But I agree with others, swallowing the exception is bad....

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Try to set

ResolveToDataSet = False
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