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(This question builds on GIT: How do I update my bare repo? and git fetch doesn't fetch all branches.)

I've cloned a bare repository from GitHub, the idea being that:

  • Developers use GitHub, and push to Github.
  • On the server, the above-mentioned bare repo fetches from GitHub (say, /var/repo/my_repo)
  • The bare repo is cloned to one or more "document root" locations for web serving to facilitate various checkouts of the codebase. So, /var/www/my_repo_live and /var/www/my_repo_dev are both non-bare clones of /var/repo/my_repo but have different branches or tags checked out for serving.

I seem to have run into some complexities—from the git clone manpage:

  • When --bare is used, "the branch heads at the remote are copied directly to corresponding local branch heads, without mapping them to refs/remotes/origin/."
  • "Neither remote-tracking branches nor the related configuration variables are created."

This makes sense: since you're not going to do editing in a bare repository, you don't need to separate remote tracking from local tracking branches. But, then:

  • How are you supposed to fetch?
  • Given that remote branch heads are copied directly to the corresponding local branch heads, how do you set up your remote.$remote_name.fetch refspec? Should it just be fetch = +refs/heads/*:refs/heads/*?

P.S. I am separating /var/repo/my_repo from the document root repos for permission reasons. I don't want publicly-facing, www-data processes to have access to the repository that's linked to GitHub. Is this overkill? Regardless of whether it's overkill, I would still like to know to properly manage fetching with a bare repo.

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did you see stackoverflow.com/a/6079064/2536029 –  mnagel Sep 3 '13 at 20:28
@mnagel: Nope! Hadn't seen that. Thank you. I will check out mirror repos. Had never heard of them. In the mean time, I'm just using refs/heads/*:refs/heads/* in .git/config under my repo (or directly with git fetch) to get the results I'm looking for. I wonder what's right ~conceptually~. –  dimadima Sep 3 '13 at 22:45

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