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I created var object then put in key and values.

I can call key and object[key] however there are some keys that are repeated such as

    key = A,
    key = B,
    key = A,
    key = B

I want to separate the first two objects in array[0][0] and array[0][1] and the other two in array[1][0] and array[1][1]. Is this possible?

Thanks in advance!

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Deending on your needs, you can make an array of arrays as such.

var arr  = new Array();
arr.push([{key:"A"}, {key:"B"}]);
arr.push([{key:"A"}, {key:"B"}]);

console logs =>

Object {key: "A"}
Object {key: "B"}
Object {key: "A"}
Object {key: "B"}
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