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I'm compiling an app for a device where the architecture does not support sse beyond sse2, and was wondering is it possible to disable compiling with sse3 instructions from GNU autoconf generated configure scripts? I know you can turn it off in gcc/g++ with mno-sse3 option, but it would be nice if I could turn it off at the configuration level rather than generating a make file and then manually inserting that compiler flag...

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Sure. Just set the required flags before calling configure:

$ CFLAGS="-mtune i386" ./configure --enable-this --disable-that ...

You might want to try -march if -mtune does the wrong thing, I haven't tested this lately.

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exactly what I was looking for, thanks! – Charles Ma Dec 7 '09 at 12:59

If you are using the more recent versions of gcc, you can simply do -march=native, and the compiler will handle it for you.

Edit: this option was introduced in gcc 4.2.

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