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How can I convert hexadecimal to decimal numbers in Emacs calc? For example, if I enter FF, I want it to convert it to 255.

UPDATE: How do I get the reverse operation, turn base 10 to base 16?

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You can enter any number in the format <base>#<number>. Example: 16#FF is immediately converted to 255.

For the reverse, you need to set the output display mode. In this example, d r 16 RET sets the display to base 16. Set it to base 10 to get the default behaviour again.

By the way, you can also Read The Fine ManualTM: GNU Emacs Calc Manual.

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Svante answered your question, but I'd like to add that the Radix Display Mode change has a quicker keystroke:

  • Show in hexidecimal mode: d 6
  • Show in decimal mode: d 0
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