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I'm new to using EA, and I am wondering how I can import a GoF pattern. I have found this seemingly outdated procedure to import the UML pattern.

and the UML patterns seem to be here as well:

Can someone give me better instructions on how to do this. When I try to follow the instructions it tells me to "Switch to the Project Resource tab." which I don't see, I also don't an "Import UML Pattern" option. These instructions are all using seemingly non-existent options (in the latest Enterprise Architect).

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The Project Resources tab is accessed in the Project menu (Alt-6).

I can't remember now if the GoF patterns are bundled with all editions of EA but if they're not, you should be able to download them from Sparx' site.

Applying a pattern is simply a matter of dragging it onto a diagram from the Resources tab; some diagram toolboxes also include relevant patterns.

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