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I created a simple servlet in eclipse (as a dynamic web project) Installed the Azure SDK, Then i packaged the project for windows azure using the GUI,

I want the app to be deployed to the root folder,

So i can access it like :


and not like:


Reffering this answer : Deploying my application in Tomcat in the ROOT

I added to my server.xml

 <Context docBase="war_name" path="" reloadable="true" />

also tried:

 <Context docBase="war_name" path="" reloadable="true" debug="0"><Context/>

I used remote control to verify that the server.xml has this line included (just before the 'Host' end tag)

And it does,

Yet i still cannot access my app as i want to.

I am new to JAVA, i am using tomcat 7, and here is a screenshot for what i have done :

enter image description here

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The simplest way to map a java webapp (eg: war) to root context path is by deleting the original tomcat_home/webapps/ROOT and renaming your war file into ROOT.war (if you're deploying in archive style), or rename your folder to ROOT (if you're deploying in exploded style). No default server.xml change is needed

Make sure the war file is placed on tomcat_home/webapps

However if you want to keep your war file name like you mentioned, ensure you delete the tomcat_home/webapps/ROOT folder to avoid confusion

This answer has more information about mapping tomcat root context path: http://stackoverflow.com/a/5328636/179630

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seems like this way it works... something odd about azure... thanks! –  Matan L Sep 12 '13 at 0:12

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