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I have the following entries in my database:

employer_id                             name
69AB90AE-F172-4A84-BB35-8553674E3905    None5
34850FE7-5E7F-4E39-9FD6-9F88EF7075FE    None

What are the commands to change the 69AB90AE-F172-4A84-BB35-8553674E3905 None5 to become 34850FE7-5E7F-4E39-9FD6-9F88EF7075FE None and rid of the None5?

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do you want in a query result? if yes, write your query I will modify it to get this the result the way you want!

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I wanted to drop the 69AB90AE-F172-4A84-BB35-8553674E3905 None5, and update to 34850FE7-5E7F-4E39-9FD6-9F88EF7075FE None. – user2744044 Sep 3 '13 at 23:41
I suggest you to get some tutorial on SQL GUID column. it is a unique identifier. – Jaan Sep 4 '13 at 12:30

this may help you

UPDATE table SET guidCol = CAST(UNIQUEIDENTIFIER, '" GUID varchar "') where your condtion
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