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I am new to google wave robot programming and for some time I am looking for an answer to my question. Consider example:

(A) - Thirdparty Data Source with Thirdparty API
(B) - Google Robot
(C) - Google Wave

Is there a way to create robot (B), which will periodically interact with (A) updating the (C) even if user is away (doesn't use the Google Wave), so when he get back, he will get, for example, a new wave for him? I am thinking of using Google Wave as kind of LogFile on third party data source for which I got API in Java.

Question in straight forward, but I can't find (yet) appropriate explanation. Does anyone know the answer?

thx in advance!

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The robots need to be hosted on AppEngine; all the capabilities of AppEngine are thus available.

So the simple answer is: if you can interact with your third party through AppEngine, you can have a Wave Robot too.

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@Questionner: does my answer satisfy you? –  jldupont Dec 10 '09 at 3:25

You can do this using the active robot API. Read more here: http://code.google.com/apis/wave/extensions/robots/operations.html#ActiveRobotAPI

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