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I followed the following blog post to set up Omniauth login with Facebook on my site: http://blog.yangtheman.com/2012/02/09/facebook-connect-with-rails-omniauth-devise/

Everything seemed to be working very well until I realised my user's access tokens are not being refreshed when expired.

I understand I need to redirect my user back through the authentication process when the token is expired, i'm just not 100% sure how to do it.

I've tried something like the code below which I though would work as when I manually call http://localhost:3000//auth/facebook/callback (when a token is expired) it seems to work and refresh my token.


  before_filter :oauth_token_valid?

  def oauth_token_valid?
    auth = current_user.authentications.first

    puts "TOKEN EXPIRES AT: #{auth.oauth_expires_at}"    

    token_expires = auth.oauth_expires_at
        if token_expires < Time.now
            puts "TOKEN HAS EXPIRED"
            redirect_to '/auth/facebook/callback'
            puts "TOKEN VALID"  

What am I doing wrong? I'm sure it should be a lot simpler than this.

Also, I also realise because the blog post I followed only gives me a short term token I should be exchanging it for a 60 day token. Does anyone know how I should go about that?

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