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What is the best language construction you have worked with in C#.

One of my favorites is Generics.

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The handiest feature in C# is type inference Period. I will fight to death whoever disagrees!! (I was a victim of not knowing to code for a general type for long and after type inference, the number of methods I had to write shrunk considerably) –  nawfal Nov 21 '12 at 14:36

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For simple productivity gains? The using statement - it saves a lot of cruft vs explicit try/finally.

Biggest single improvement within C# over time, for the imperative OO programmer: generics.

Biggest improvement in terms of how we approach coding: lambda expressions and LINQ.

I do have a soft spot for iterator blocks though.

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delegates - hands down

They are a pain to build in C++ (but possible) - but just by virtue of them being available out of the box makes me love them :D

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