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I have a virtual ListView in Winforms which nicely displays the contents from a database. Items get asynchronously added to the database and are visible when I pull the scrollbar to the bottom.

Now I would like to insure that whenever the asynchronous thread adds to the database it also updates the ListView so that it knows which index should be the bottom row. Before I added the ListView object, I could do that with a ListBox where I set which index should be the top index, based on itemheight and listbox height:

int numItems = listBox1.ClientSize.Height / listBox1.ItemHeight;
if (listBox1.TopIndex == listBox1.Items.Count - numItems - 1)
    listBox1.TopIndex = listBox1.Items.Count - numItems + 1;

Unfortunately neither ItemHeight nor TopIndex exist in ListView.

But the major question is: How do I tell the virtual ListView that it should display a specific range of indexes - or insure that some index gets displayed?

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why not use event CollectionChanged? listview need to be notified of data source changes if you want display new row. – Na Na Sep 4 '13 at 5:17
@Na Na: Not sure how to use CollectionChanged, which is part of ObservableCollection<T>. Can you show an example? – erict Sep 4 '13 at 18:27
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You can use the property TopItem to set the top visible item in the ListView (no matter it's in virtual mode or not):

listView1.TopItem = listView1.Items[itemIndex];//itemIndex is the index of the item 
//you want to make visible as the top item.
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I thought we couldn't play with Items when in virtual mode. But this works just fine. Thanks! – erict Sep 4 '13 at 18:38

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