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I have a polymorphic model Discussion. It can be applied to Specialty model and Program model. My routes are set up as:

resources :programs, :only => :show do
   resources :discussions, :only => [:show, :create, :destroy, :new]

resources :specialties do
   resources :discussions, :only => [:show, :create, :destroy, :new]

So, new discussions are made either like:


The problem is in my discussions_controller.rb file. I have the function:

def new
  @object = xxxxx.find(params[:id])

How do I choose the appropriate model for the form (eg. to replace 'xxxxx') and for determining the discussionable_type. I would assume I could parse the URL, but it doesn't seem clean. Any ideas?

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Given your routes, you should either have params[:program_id] or params[:specialty_id] (or alike).

This will tell you what to use.

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