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I need to check if an item with a particular name exists in the CheckedItems collection of a ListView.

So far I've tried:

ListViewItem item = new ListViewItem(itemName);

if (listView1.CheckedItems.IndexOf(item) >= 0)
   return true;


ListViewItem item = new ListViewItem(itemName);

if (listView1.CheckedItems.Contains(item))
   return true;

Neither of those worked. Is there a way to do this without looping through CheckedItems and checking them one by one?

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You can benefit LINQ for this purpose:

bool itemChecked =  listView1.CheckedItems.OfType<ListViewItem>()
                             .Any(i => i.Text == itemText);
//You can also retrieve the item with itemText using FirstOrDefault()
var checkedItem = listView1.CheckedItems.OfType<ListViewItem>()
                                        .FirstOrDefault(i=>i.Text == itemText);
if(checkedItem != null) { //do you work...}

You can also use the ContainsKey to determine if the item (with name being itemName) is checked:

bool itemChecked = listView1.CheckedItems.ContainsKey(itemName);
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LINQ method above worked when I changed i.Name to i.Text. If you update your answer, I'll mark it as accepted. – Dr. Greenthumb Sep 4 '13 at 13:42
@Dr.Greenthumb that's because you said with a particular name exists in your question, of course if you meant Text, changing it to Text would work. If so the ContainsKey can't be used because it's used for Name not Text. – King King Sep 4 '13 at 13:49
I initially thought I could find it by name, but when I added listView1.CheckedItems to the watch, there was no name parameter. Also you are right, ContainsKey didn't work when I tried it. – Dr. Greenthumb Sep 4 '13 at 13:59

Get rid of newing up a ListViewItem and do this instead:

ListViewItem itemYouAreLookingFor = listView1.FindItemWithText("NameToLookFor");

// Did we find a match?
if (itemYouAreLookingFor != null)
    // Yes, so find out if the item is checked or not?
        // Yes, it is found and check so do something with item here
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Using new, you are creating a new item which is not added to the list view (since it is new) and can therefore not be found when using listView1.Contains(item).

When you add an item, use a key/value pair and use contains on the values.

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