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From Technical Spec


a Root Certification Authority from which a certification path can be established down to a Certification Authority issuing Qualified Certificates. Only to be used as an extension, if the servicetype is http://uri.etsi.org/TrstSvc/Svctype/CA/QC

But what is the purpose of having this URI associated to a TSPService with ServiceTypeIdentifier http://uri.etsi.org/TrstSvc/Svctype/CA/QC?

Does it mean that if I have a prospective certificate path like this one:

 - A (root ca)
   - B (intermediate)
     - C (end user)

Where A is the only one registered in the TSL as a TSPService without the http://uri.etsi.org/TrstSvc/eSigDir-1999-93-EC-TrustedList/SvcInfoExt/RootCA-QC URI associated, I can't construct a valid certification path for B and C?

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