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I have a Pradotec PDA : http://www.pradotec.com.my/webadmin/v2/HRT500.html#content it has windows CE preinstalled i tried to configure the gprs by connection dialing *99#, it opens the port, authenticate the user, and breaks showing the message :carrier not detected, so I made my homework, and find that it was a ANP problem after a loooot of investigation i found that i need to add in the configuration parameters the following commands: AT+CGDCONT=1,ip,??? where the ?? is my local apn address, the problem it that now the port doesn't open and says it is "busy" by other application, so if some one know how its the way to configure correctly the apn in my PDA.

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if you are using pradotech PDA model HRT700 or HRT500 you must remove the header AT for the AT commands because pradotech added by itself

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