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Error when installing PHPUnit unknown channel pear.phpunit.de in pear.phpunit.de/PHPUnit invalid package name/package file "pear.phpunit.de/PHPUnit" on Debian-4 OS.

I've followed instructions as per the instructions contained at http://phpunit.de/manual/3.7/en/installation.html and I've tried the PHAR method and the PEAR method, but neither are working.

Here's the server set up:

PEAR Version: 1.9.4

PHP Version: 5.4.4-14+deb7u3

Zend Engine Version: 2.4.0

Running on: Linux lsh1001 3.9.6-hw+ #6 SMP

WHen I try to install using the PEAR method, I run:

pear config-set auto_discover 1

and I receive

config-set succeeded

However, when I run

pear install pear.phpunit.de/PHPUnit

and I receive:

Attempting to discover channel "pear.phpunit.de"...
downloading channel.xml ...
Starting to download channel.xml (804 bytes)
....done: 804 bytes
Auto-discovered channel "pear.phpunit.de", alias "pear.phpunit.de", adding to registry
unknown channel "pear.phpunit.de" in "pear.phpunit.de/PHPUnit"
invalid package name/package file "pear.phpunit.de/PHPUnit"
install failed

I'm new to using the command line prompt so I may be doing something strange. I've tried prefixing the lines of code with sudo, but I receive:

-bash: sudo: command not found

when I do this.

I want to be able to run PHPUnit using the browser front-end rather than the command line install. I also tried the PHAR install method, but I'm not sure how to point to the installed phpunit.phar file. I can run the phpunit.phar file straight from the command line, but how would I refer to it in my php.ini file? I have left the file in my root directory and haven't moved it.

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try this command flow

pear channel-discover pear.phpunit.de

pear install phpunit/PHPUnit

and... if you are root ignore sudo

Reffer PHPUnit Site

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