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I've migrated VS 2005 Web Site Project to VS 2005 Web Application Project. And find out that html which generated by my DataList control was changed. There is ItemTemplate:

    <asp:Label ID="CellLabel" runat="server" Text='<%# Eval("Cell") %>' Visible='<%# Eval("Cell").ToString() != "0" %>' />
    <asp:TextBox ID="CellTextBox" runat="server" Text='<%# Bind("Cell") %>' Visible='<%# Eval("Cell").ToString() == "0" %>' />

Now it always generate span, intead of span and input. To bind DataList control i use DataSource property. My page code:

public void Page_Load(Object sender, EventArgs e)
  if (!this.IsPostBack)

MyControl (which contains DataList control) code:

public class Mycontrol
    private DataTable myDataTable = null;
        public DataTable MyDataTable;
            set { Context.Session["MyDataTable"] = myDataTable = value; }

                if (myDataTable != null)
                    return myDataTable;

                if (Context.Session != null && Context.Session["MyDataTable"] != null)
                    myDataTable = (DataTable)Context.Session["MyDataTable"];
                    myDataTable = GetData();
                    Context.Session["MyDataTable"] = myDataTable;
                return myDataTable;

        public override void DataBind()
            MyDataList.DataSource = MyDataTable;

    protected void CheckButton_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
    // There is MyDataTable

It would be a simple table on the page, which has some initial cells and another user should enter. Could i use Datalist control to implement it? And could i use ItemTemplate to let user enter some cells and get it after postback?

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please illustrate more and specify more than this way because i don't know exactly what do u want to do ? – Ahmy Dec 7 '09 at 15:00
Oh! You are quite right! I'va forgotten that changed "0" to "" everywhere. TextBox indeed was not visible. Sorry... Now it is input. And could you please say, how to access to DataList items (which user enter) after postback? Should i use Items property or something else? – Sevina Dec 7 '09 at 15:20
On debug mode (breakpoint in CheckButton_Click method) i can see items using this (in watch window) (MyDataList.Items[5].FindControl("CellTextBox") as TextBox).Text But how could i get all items as a collection or a table? DataSource property is null :( – Sevina Dec 7 '09 at 15:36
Are you facing any error? – Oscar Dec 8 '09 at 4:21

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