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I'm working on the front-end of a web application developed using JBoss seam. I'm encountering a NullPointerException at user login but I don't know how it happens. Here's a summary based from the log.

When a user tries to login, the authenticate method in the LoginBean was executed

    public class LoginBean{
            //both from org.jboss.seam.security package
            private Credentials credentials

            private Identity identity

            public boolean authenticate(){

                    logger.info(identity.getCredential null? == " + identity.getCredential==null);

                    //this returns true
                    result = webAuthentication.login(credential.getUsername(), credential.getPassword());

                    return result;

I can still access the credentials attribute of the identity object in this code. After executing the authenticate, the log shows that a method from another class was executed.

    public class LoginControllerBean{
            private Identity identity; //org.jboss.seam.security

            @Begin(join = true)
            public void updateSessionUserStats(){
                    //i can still see this in the log
                    logger.info("Login successful. updating sessionUserInfo....");

                    //throws NullPointerException  
                    logger.info("check identity.getCredential if null == " + identity.getCredential());

                    sessionUser = new SessionUser();
                    //if I remove the log above this call will throw NullPointerException                        


I assumed that the login was successful because the method with the @Observer(...loginSuccessful) annotation was executed right after authenticate.

Both of the identity objects in the first and second class are injected by @In annotation. Why is the identity.getCredentials() throws nullPointerException on the second code while it is ok on the first code? What could be the cause of identity.getCredentials() throwing nullPointerException? Sorry if I cannot give more details on the problem. I can only access the front-end codes.Thanks.

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identity is null so you got the nullPointerException –  newuser Sep 4 '13 at 2:39

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If you want to be sure to get a non null use

    private Identity identity
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