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I'm experiencing a strange behaviour using NetBeans 7.3 for C++ on Lubuntu. If I have a file open in the editor, say File.cpp and there is a compile error in this file, if I click on the error in the Build window, a duplicate editor window appears for this file. Then I modify the file but the build toolbar icons are grayed. If I save the file, the changes are lost.

This seems to occur when the bugged file is already opened in the editor. It seems that the old window that already contains the file in question is not reused???

I'm sure there is a switch somewhere but I could not find it. Can somebody help me?


EDIT 1: Could it be due to the fact that I use Mercurial for my project??????? The different tabs don't have the same color depending there are pending checkin, etc.??

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You should file a bug report to netbeans.org. –  Cobra_Fast Sep 4 '13 at 18:48

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