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I'm having a problem I've trying to solve for 2 days and now I just give up, so this is my last resource, I'm trying to load a JSON response into an observableArray (KO) in Durandal but everytime I call the function ko.mapping.fromJSON is comes with the following error:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'fromJSON' of undefined 

I understand I need to download the plugin and load it on the main.js

paths: {
    'text': '../lib/require/text',
    'plugins' : '../lib/durandal/js/plugins',
    'transitions' : '../lib/durandal/js/transitions',
    'knockout': '../lib/knockout/knockout',
    'mapping': '../lib/knockout/knockout.mapping',
    'bootstrap': '../lib/bootstrap/js/bootstrap',
    'jquery': '../lib/jquery/jquery-1.9.1'
urlArgs: 'v=',
shim: {
    'bootstrap': {
        deps: ['jquery'],
        exports: 'jQuery'

Knockout is working fine, I'm able to update fields and everything, but when I try to use the ko.mapping I'm having problems:

define(['durandal/app', 'plugins/router', 'knockout', 'mapping'], function (app, router, ko) {

var clients = ko.observableArray([]);

return {
    displayName: 'My Page',
    clients: clients,
    activate: function () {

        return $.ajax({
            type: "POST",
            url: "backend/ServerServices.php",
            data: {
                s: 'listadodeclientes'
        }).then(function( msg ) {
            ko.mapping.fromJSON(msg, clients);


    showMessage: function () {
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Which version of Durandal are you using? – nemesv Sep 4 '13 at 4:46

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In order to use ko.mapping plugin with require.js you have to manualy set ko.mapping variable to ko.mapping library or use injected variable instead.


define(['durandal/app', 'plugins/router', 'knockout', 'mapping'], function (app, router, ko, mapping) {
   ko.mapping = mapping;

   //or use injected mapping parameter


Look at the answer on this question.

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