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I have a function for adding a new profile as below.

bool Main_window::add_new_profile(char* f_name_entered)
     char* l_name_entered;

     // skipped some portion

     bool m_status = throw_m_dialog("Enter New Profile Name",l_name_entered);

     // skipped some portion


     // skipped rest of the function

The throw_m_dialog function in header file

bool throw_m_dialog(char* f_label, char* f_name);

The throw_m_dialog function

bool throw_m_dialog(char* f_label, char* f_name)
    Glib::ustring l_text;

    //skipped some portion


    // skipped some portion

        return true;

     // skipped the cancel part

My problem is that i get some unreadable characters. I guess i am reading the address. How do i update the profile name from the throw_dialog function?

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What's up with all the char*? you are coding gtkmm; Glib::ustring is your friend. –  Mark Sep 4 '13 at 13:58
To answer your question, though, I believe you want l_text.c_str() not l_text.data(): stackoverflow.com/questions/194634/string-c-str-vs-data –  Mark Sep 4 '13 at 14:01

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