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As of now, I was using neo4j 1.8.2 EP edition for clustering 3 instances. I used to have below configuration for my spring application:

<bean id="graphDatabaseService" class="org.neo4j.kernel.HighlyAvailableGraphDatabase"
        destroy-method="shutdown" scope="singleton">
        <constructor-arg name="storeDir" index="0" value="E:/Neo4J Enterprise Edition/db1/graph.db" />
        <constructor-arg index="1">
                <entry key="ha.server_id" value="1" />
                <entry key="ha.pull_interval" value="10"></entry>
                <entry key="ha.server" value="" />
                <entry key="ha.coordinators" value="," />
    <neo4j:config graphDatabaseService="graphDatabaseService" />

but as per new changes in neo4j 1.9.3 Enterprise Edition, Zookeeper is no longer used and coordinator is also not longer functional. How can I reconfigure this to work with neo4j 1.9.3 enterprise edition ? any link/resources would be appreciated.. Thanks.

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Use the configuration: docs.neo4j.org/chunked/stable/ha-configuration.html –  Michael Hunger Sep 4 '13 at 9:19

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To overcome I did 2 changes:

  1. I replaced <entry key="ha.coordinators" with <entry key="ha.initial_hosts".
  2. Updated my pom.xml for neo4j-ha, neo4j-kernel, and neo4j-management and other neo4j related libs to latest one i.e. 1.9.3 (initially it was 1.8.2)

and thats it. :)

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