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I am using ebay .Net SDK. Everything is working fine except following requirements:

  1. Using of OutputSelector to boost performance
  2. Unable to use SortingOrder, while showing records.
  3. Total income/amount sold for specified time range i.e. Total amount across all calls of the pagination without looping through pages and aggregating it manually.

Here is the code which I am using:

var apicall = new GetOrdersCall(context);
//apicall.ApiRequest.OutputSelector = new StringCollection(new String[] { "Order.OrderID", "Order.Total" });
apicall.ApiRequest.Pagination = new PaginationType
    EntriesPerPage = Util.RecordsPerPage(),
    PageNumber = int.Parse(Request.Form["pageNumber"])
var fltr = new TimeFilter(Convert.ToDateTime(Request.Form["dateFrom"] + "T00:00:00.000Z"), Convert.ToDateTime(Request.Form["dateTo"] + "T23:59:59.999Z"));
var statusCodeType = (OrderStatusCodeType)Enum.Parse(typeof(OrderStatusCodeType), Request.Form["statusCode"]);
var orders = apicall.GetOrders(fltr, TradingRoleCodeType.Seller, statusCodeType);

Please assist me how to use these 3 functionality as well.

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After much efforts I got the way for it:

var request = new GetOrdersRequestType
    //OutputSelector = new StringCollection {"OrderID","Total"},
    CreateTimeFrom = Convert.ToDateTime(Request.Form["dateFrom"] + "T00:00:00.000Z"),
    CreateTimeTo = Convert.ToDateTime(Request.Form["dateTo"] + "T23:59:59.999Z"),
    OrderStatus = (OrderStatusCodeType)Enum.Parse(typeof(OrderStatusCodeType), Request.Form["statusCode"]),
    OrderRole = TradingRoleCodeType.Seller,
    Pagination = new PaginationType
            EntriesPerPage = Util.RecordsPerPage(),
            PageNumber = int.Parse(Request.Form["pageNumber"])

var apicall = new GetOrdersCall(context)
        ApiRequest = request,
        OutputSelector =
            new string[]
                    "OrderID", "Total", "PaidTime", "eBayPaymentStatus",
                    "PaymentMethod", "Title", "PageNumber", "PaginationResult.TotalNumberOfPages"

var orders = apicall.ApiResponse.OrderArray;
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