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Lets say that I want to get the records from 2 table by using UNION. How could I add a field to each record that would tell me which table it belongs to? It just something like this :

id     |    title     | link            | table
1      | Title 1      | somelink.html   | articles1
2      | Title 2      | link2   .html   | articles2
3      | Title 3      | link3   .html   | articles1

Thanks in advance?

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select some_column, 'union_1' as from_where
from table1
select some_column, 'union_2' as from_where
from table2
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You could try something like

SELECT Col1, Col2, 'Table1' TableSource
FROm Table1
SELECT Col1, Col2, 'Table2' TableSource
FROm Table2

This will work/make sense for UNION ALL, but might be misleading if you use UNION, as duplicates will then be included due to the differentiating source column.

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@juergend, corrected, thanks. –  Adriaan Stander Sep 4 '13 at 6:58

Just put it in your UNION, like:

SELECT *, 'articles1' AS table_name FROM articles1
SELECT *, 'articles2' AS table_name FROM articles2
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