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I am a novice to taffydb, faced following issue when trying to querying the db. My db has a column named TYPE. I tried to get all record where TYPE equals to "Yes".

This line give me the correct results:

var records = database({ "TYPE": { "===": "Yes" } });

But if I tried to pass these values as parameters no records found.


var column= "TYPE";
var operator = "===";
var value = "Yes" ;
var records = database({ column: { operator: value } });

Simply I need to pass these values as method parameters not in the hard-coded way. What should be the correct way to get this done?

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You'll need to treat the object like an array in order to get it to look at the appropriate data


var products = TAFFY([{
    "name":"Blue Ray Player",
}, {
    name:"3D TV",

var column= "type";
var operator = "===";
var value = "Yes" ;
var object = {};
var records = products(object).get();
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