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I need to create a data manager for my app without hardcoding on one file format, so if I would like to change the way of saving the data - I can do it easily. For this purposes I choose the Adapter Pattern.

I have the DataManager class where I wrote general methods for making data to store it.

@protocol DataManagerProtocol
- (void) readFile;
- (void) saveFile;

@interface DataManager : NSObject
    NSMutableArray *items;
    NSMutableString *destPath;

// many different methods


Than I have a DataFileManager where there are method for storing data in one specific format:

@interface DataFileManager : NSObject
- (void) savePlist;
- (void) readPlist;

@implementation DataFileManager

- (void) savePlist
    NSLog(@"The plist file was saved.");

-(void) readPlist
    NSLog(@"The plist file was readed.");


And I have the DataAdapter to convert the interfaces:

#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
#import "DataFileManager.h"
#import "DataManager.h"

@interface DataAdapter : NSObject <DataManagerProtocol>
    @private DataFileManager *_dataFileManager;

@property (nonatomic, strong) DataFileManager *dataFileManager;
- (id) initWithDataFileManager:(DataFileManager*) adaptee;

@implementation DataAdapter

@synthesize dataFileManager = _dataFileManager;

- (id) initWithDataFileManager:(DataFileManager *) adaptee
    self = [super self];
    _dataFileManager = adaptee;
    return self;

- (void) saveFile
    [_dataFileManager savePlist];

- (void) readFile
    [_dataFileManager readPlist];


So then in my DataManager file I write the method:

- (void) saveTheTestFile:(id)forAdapter
    [forAdapter saveFile];

and using it like this:

DataFileManager *dataFileManager = [[DataFileManager alloc] init];
DataAdapter *dataAdapter = [[DataAdapter alloc] initWithDataFileManager:dataFileManager];
[self saveTheTestFile:dataAdapter];

It works, but I believe something is wrong here - is there the way to make it more simple? I don't use ARC and need to release a lot of fileManagers - it's not so good, I believe. I totally confused in all this methods. Maybe someone can give a more interesting and simple realization of this pattern for my case? Thank you!

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Another solution is to use a category on the DataManager class defined inside the implementation file of the DataFileManager class.

Here is an example how it should look like:

//class DataFileManager's implementation
@implementation DataManager (DataFileManager_Adapter)
// Methods to allow DataFileManager to connect to DataManager
// Methods that DataFileManager can use to calculate values dependent on both DataManager
//  and DataFileManager

@implementation DataFileManager
// DataFileManager's methods

The classical approach is to create a third intermediary class like what you have done but, in objective-c, categories eliminate that need. Adapter interfaces in Objective-C, using categories.

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