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I am showing timer on user interface in a Java FX 2.0 application. Problem is that when i start a timer on the screen(showing it on label) it starts to increase HEAP size and that is increasing no of Survivors in GC, i checked all its behavior in NetBeans profiler. But when i stopped(i.e. comment) the timer code every thing was working perfectly. I am sharing my timer code if any one can suggest memory leak or any other timer showing procedure to save me from increasing Heap size. Here is my ShowTime code.

  public void startTimer(){
    timeline = new Timeline();
            new KeyFrame(Duration.seconds(1),
            new EventHandler() {
        // KeyFrame event handler
        public void handle(Event event) {

         //   System.out.println("Entring time event");
            if (timeSeconds % 60 == 0) {

            pagingTimeLbl.setText(String.format("%02d", mm) + " : " + String.format("%02d", timeSeconds % 60));
                pagingPanelGrid.setStyle(timeSeconds%2==0?"-fx-border: 2px solid; -fx-border-color: red;":"-fx-border: 2px solid; -fx-border-color: black;");

            if (timeSeconds <= 0) {
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The possible sources are: String.format which creates a temporary string and the setStyle method. The former should not create any issues. I don't know how the latter is implemented - you could try removing the setStyle line to see if it makes a difference – assylias Sep 4 '13 at 10:14
Tried by did't find any luck. – Haseeb Wali Sep 6 '13 at 9:12
You should use a profiler (jProfiler for example) to see what objects are being created. – ppeterka Sep 13 '13 at 8:56

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