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A quick question i hope. I'm new to xcode and IOS apps, and have made a bunch of tutorials but i still don't get one thing. If i make a new file (StaticData.h, StaticData.m) and in the .h I declare a public property NSMutableArray. And in the .m file i fill it statically.

@implementation StaticData

-(NSMutableArray *)staticArray

    NSString *value0 = @"test)";

    return  [NSMutableArray arrayWithObjects:value0, nil];



Now i import the .h file in a viewcontroller and try to load the data in the table. the array is empty. So i set a breakpoint but it is never hit.

So how do i init a file without a view?

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Can you show us where staticArray is called? –  Lawrence H Sep 4 '13 at 8:57

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You need to use your file by creating an instance of your class StaticData like this:

StaticData *data = [[StaticData alloc] init];

Don't forget to delete data when you are ready!

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