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Please give solution i am eagerly waiting for your help :)

Need help - how to use CheckStyle.

I am doing static code analysis in Hudson, as first part, i installed Static Analyser and CheckStyle plugins in Hudson. But i am not able to find out how to use it in official Hudson checkstyple page also.

official page :

I saw some documents in maven checkstyle plugin that we have to mension some configuration in pom file and run the targets.

Then, i got doubt, if i am doing with maven, why we need the checkstyle plugin install in hudson?

Is it possible to configure checkstyle in Hudson job for a java project instead of changing in pom or not?

it here is both ways, then which one is better?

do you the steps to configure checkstyle plugin in Hudson?

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If you've installed the plugin in Jenkins/Hudson, you should now be able to add the checkstyle goal to your project/job.

In the goals section of your Jenkins Maven job, add "checkstyle:checkstyle" to enable the checkstyle plugin to analyse your project.

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Hi, I am not using Maven, but Ant script to compile my Java project. How do I configure checkstyle in Ant? Again, as Dmitry mentioned in his question, that way I won't be using the Checkstyle plugin, right? –  OnlyMahesh May 8 at 10:21

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