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I'm trying to implement video player with AirPlay feature. I put a MPVolumeView control and enabled a route button. It works perfectly when in portrait orientation, but it's very hard to tap that button when in landscape mode. I have to tap on the top of the control to cause device selection sheet appear. It is counter-intuitive, so I wonder, what may cause this appearance?

The superview for MPVolumeView control has UITapGestureRecognizer attached, so I can track, what is happened when user tap on the control. If the class of the view in touch is MPButton, everything is fine, however if the class is MPVolumeView, and the touch has coordinates inside MPVolumeView, nothing happens. I was trying to disable gesture recognizer to see if it was the problem, but it doesn't help.

I found more or less similar question here: Tap area of AirPlay button in MPVolumeView, but it doesn't cover the issue with device orientation.

Are there any caveats using MPVolumeView in landscape orientation, or in some view hierarchy?

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