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I have noticed in the devices of higher versions, the background color of options menu is default set to black. I need to change it to white, as well as the text color to black.

I had googled for it and found many answers, but none of them seemed useful to me yet.

The suggestion I tried is adding this in my onCreateOptionsMenu:

getLayoutInflater().setFactory(new Factory() {
public View onCreateView(String name, Context context,
AttributeSet attrs) {

if (name     .equalsIgnoreCase(“”)) {
try {
LayoutInflater f = getLayoutInflater();
final View view = f.createView(name, null, attrs);

new Handler().post(new Runnable() {
public void run() {

// set the background drawable
view     .setBackgroundColor(Color.BLACK);

// set the text color
((TextView) view).setTextColor(Color.WHITE);
return view;
} catch (InflateException e) {
} catch (ClassNotFoundException e) {
return null;
return super.onCreateOptionsMenu(menu);

But, it didn't help me out.

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i was searching through the stackoverflow, and i think i found a matching answer for your question.

Please go through this link once...

Set title background color

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