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I have this text:

a     .55
b       .23
c    .12
d      .45

And I want to align the second column, to have this:

a    .55
b    .23
c    .12
d    .45

My first try was to put cursor in the first line, at the column where I want to align the text and press dt., and later pressing j and . I can repeat it for all the lines, but since I have a lot of lines, I want to make a visual block and repeat the action for all the lines, is it possible to repeat a command in visual block mode? If not, which are the alternatives?

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For all things aligning you probably want to use specialized plugins, e.g. Tabular or Align.

If you don't want to use plugins, I see 2 other possibilities:


  • mark lines in visual line mode (V)
  • :normal 5ldt.


  • mark lines in visual line mode (V)
  • :s/\w\zs\s\+\ze\./ /
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With my visualrepeat plugin, you can do this: After modifying the first line with dt., select the following lines in linewise visual mode Vjj, move the cursor to the column where you want to repeat 4l, and repeat ..

(Though I agree with mhinz that an alignment plugin is preferable in this particular case.)

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