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I am currently using the HtmlAgilityPack,

However in the following HTML-

<div class="First"> Inner Text <strong><a href="url"> Text </a></strong>
Inner Text <strong><a href="url"> Text </a></strong>
<span class="Second"> Inner Text <strong><a href="url"> Text </a></strong></span>
Inner Text <strong><a href="url"> Text </a></strong>

I am having difficulty extracting the Inner Text values as they are not nested in their own node. I can get the href values, however need the corresponding text values before them, so for each link, I have the text before it.

I have tried using Previoussibling.innerText however results came back null.

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Your a tag is within a strong tag. elm.parentElement.previousSibling.textContent should help, assuming elm is your a tag reference. –  Mathew Sep 4 '13 at 10:10
If you wanted all the text that shows "Inner Text" you could remove all the <strong> child nodes from <div> and get the InnerText of the <div> node. –  Harrison Sep 26 '13 at 18:59

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