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I am really getting headache from this - I am beginning to use vim for my daily programming tasks, so I decided to make use of great plugins which are available for it. So I started with Pathogen and I believe I succesfully installed it. Then I tried emmet.vim but I am really not able make this work. This is my directory structure

├── autoload
│   └── pathogen.vim
└── bundle
    ├── autoload
    │   ├── emmet
│       │   ├── lang
│   │       │   ├── css.vim
│   │   │       ├── haml.vim
    │   │   │   ├── html.vim
    │   │   │   ├── sass.vim
    │   │   │   ├── scss.vim
    │   │   │   └── slim.vim
    │   │   ├── lang.vim
    │   │   ├── lorem
    │   │   │   ├── en.vim
│       │   │   └── ja.vim
│   │       └── util.vim
    │   └── emmet.vim
    ├── doc
│       └── emmet.txt
    └── plugin
        └── emmet.vim
| .vimrc

And .vimrc content

execute pathogen#infect()
syntax on
filetype plugin indent on

So is this right? And I then tried simple tutorial mentioned on GitHub page but it didn't work. So I did

vim file.html
i //insert mode
html:5 and then pressing Ctrl + y + , 

but nothing happened. I appreciate any advice on this, I got really stucked

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You forgot the root directory.

You have bundle/<repo content>, but it should be bundle/emmet-vim/<repo content>.

So usually you just do:

$ cd ~/.vim/bundle

$ git clone

(Which is also described at Pathogen README :-))

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Awesome, it really works (and I am an idiot of course:D) – Petr Mensik Sep 4 '13 at 10:16
I have exactly the same problem as Petr Mensik (except I properly cloned the emmet repo into my bundle directory as described). My .vimrc starts with execute pathogen#infect() and pathogen automatically detects the other plugin I have in my bundle directory. I tried the same test as Petr Mensik both in insert mode and normal mode but nothing happened. Any other suggestions? – tytk Jan 7 at 20:59

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