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I am curious if anybody else has experience in this, and if you have, how you handle it.

We are using a webapp architecture containing backbone, user session etc. Users can access and manage their account on this webapp. The webapp uses backbone models (AJAX) to exchange data between the webapp and the server.

We are encountering synchronization problems when we update the website and are looking for a way to prevent this while bringing the user as little inconvenience as possible. What happens is the following:

  • We update the website.
  • The server gets updated, The webapp gets updated. Happens simulteneously. BUT: where the server update is instant, the webapp does not get updated on existing user sessions UNTIL the user refreshes the page / ends the user session.
  • The users who are currently logged in, use the 'pre-updated' webapp to exchange date to an updated server, possibly resulting in unwanted scenario's.

You might argue that this is a temporary problem that fixes itself in time, but it does affect user experience and people will not understand 'why' it does not work. They will think the site is buggy, call support, troubleshoot etc. We want to prevent that.

We can maintain a model that can handle pre-updated webapps to a certain level on the server, but you can't rule out breaking model changes. We got situations where, for example, our menu model was rebuilt. This resulted in webapp menu's breaking on active user webapps.

What we are looking for is a way to synchronize the webapp with the server, to ensure the webapp functions reliably, even on active sessions after a release.

There are a few options we are evaluating:

  • implement ajax request versioning: a request gets an attibute where we can specify a version number. If the call fails, we can fall back to a previous version.
  • implement a version on the server and webapp and match the version on every request If there is a mismatch, let the webapp refresh itself.

Does anyone have any experience handling this? Best practices, alternatives? Any type of feedback is welcome at this point, except webSockets (regrettably, not feasible) :)

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