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for weeks I have been looking through the forums, google and any other place I could find and so far I cannot find my answer. I am no expert at coding I just do it for fun and although I get more frustrated then anything it still keeps me busy but I have come to a problem I cannot solve and that is how does one capture the cursors position or screen for that matter withought having my form in it?

Things I have tried:

Method 1

enter code here
AllowTransparency = true;
TransparencyKey = Color.Empty;
Opacity = 99;

for this to work it requires aero feature to be disabled which is not good and not what I want in an app

Method 2:

enter code here
Opacity = 0;
Opacity = 100;

this causes flickering when a timer intervel is set to 100 or any intervel for that matter

Method 3:

enter code here

this causes same flickering as above

all methods have been found on this site Take screenshot of screen behind form? How can i capture the screen without the Form? Capture Screen But Not Current Form In C#?

Method 4: Using magnifyer.dll this causes random black capture and is buggy cannot get this to work fully and its probably best to post another question about that API.

BTW I am using MS Visual C# 2010 express running windows 7 64 BIT

so far the best method to work is the first one but would prefer not to have to use it as aero needs to be disabled and makes the whole screen flicker when its been disabled and enabled.

Is there or would there be a way to caputer a message of WM_PAINT message or some other message before the form is redrawn take the screenshot then get the form to redraw? if so could someone point me in the right direction or provide some code as how to do it as this is beond my understanding of how to go about it and do it, I can capture the WM_PAINT and WM_ERASEBKGND messages but I am unsure what to do or where to go from there any insite into this would be apreciated

Thank you


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Set the Opacity back to 0.99 to avoid the window from getting re-created. –  Hans Passant Sep 5 '13 at 23:24
I have set Opacity to 0.99 still requires aero to be disabled also you can notice the change when Opacity is changed this is not a viavble solution and will not help in my case thank you for your answer anyways. –  user2746496 Sep 8 '13 at 6:23

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