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I'm building a webservice based on node.js, I used passport authentication with the following setup: on calling authentication:

clientID: "AAAA",
clientSecret: "BBBB",
callbackURL = "http://CCCC/facebook/loggedin";

app.get('/auth/facebook', passport.authenticate('facebook', {scope : ['email', 'publish_actions', 'rsvp_event']}, {display: ['touch']}));

Everything works perfectly fine via chrome on my desktop pc and I get redirected with all the parameters However, when trying to do the exact same thing on my ipad/android phone, the browser will leave me hanging in:


with a completely blank page...

Has anyone tackled that?

EDIT :when i force my browser to be on desktop mode it will show the page as supposed..why would it work for the desktop but not the mobile?

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